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NSWPTL Season Close-out Tournament

Over 120 matches in three days - there was a lot of great paddle and tons of fun!!  A big shout-out and thanks to all who helped us close-out the season in tournament style.  

Division 1 (Series 2-4) 

Main: Ulrich-Woldenberg

Consolation: Harris-Walker

Division 2 (Series 5-8)

Main: Byers-Finger

Consolation: Kelsey-Miller

Division 3 (Series 9-12)

Main: Gallery-Zimmermann

Consolation: Grey-Talty

Division 4 (Series 13-16)

Main: Bowie-Holton

Consolation: Kechik-Persohn

Winter Session Welcome

Welcome to 2019 Winter Paddle Session.  We are looking forward to a great Session with lots of overcast but not rainy skies and temperatures hovering around 25 degrees.  The Fall Session was a great success and we hope to continue that for this Winter Session.   A couple things housekeeping things to note before we start.

First, Congratulations to the Court the Cure paddle event back in September which raised over $15,000.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will support breast cancer research initiatives led by Katharine Yao, MD, Director of the Breast Surgical Program at NorthShore University Healthsystems.

Second, all re-rankings were due to your Series Facilitator January 6th.  There were several teams who had players out on “prolonged injuries” in the Fall Session.  Please make sure you check the status with those individuals to determine if/when they will be coming back.  Although there is no hard and fast rule as to how many matches an injured player can miss, if they miss three or four matches in a row and are still not sure if they will be coming back, that player should be temporarily removed from the ranking and the ranking of all other players below that player adjusted upward.

Third, please be careful when creating line-ups.  The rule was newly minted last year so it might now hurt to review it here.  NSWPTL Rule III.E. states as follows:

            E. Line-ups

                        1. Captains must adhere to and field their teams based on: a) the numerical rankings submitted to their Series Facilitator at the beginning of each Session; and, b) ongoing win/loss records of the players.

                         2. Players ranked #1 or #2 on their team cannot play on Courts 3 or 4. If players ranked #1 and #2 play together, they must play on court 1.

                        3. Teams must be fielded according to their current and present ability:

                a) Court 1 team should beat Court 2 team;

                b) Court 2 team should beat Court 3 teams;

                c) Court 3 team should beat Court 4 team.

                        4. Once lineups are exchanged for a match they cannot be changed

   When fielding your line-ups, first, you must make sure that your #1 & #2 ranked players are playing on Courts 1 or 2 and if they are playing together, they must be on Court 1.    Second, you must look at the numerical rankings and ongoing win/loss record of your players.       These first two rules rely on tangible and reported information and should be sufficient for you to field your line-ups. Third, you look at “current and present” ability.  This third part is less tangible in nature and takes into consideration the ongoing realities that can affect a team from week to week: injuries/sickness, vacations, elder/child-care, add/deuce partnerships, left/right partnerships, personality partnerships.   Despite this, when reviewing a completed line-up, you should be able to say that your Ct 1 pairing is stronger than your Ct 2 pairing and so on. It doesn’t mean that the Ct 1 pairing beat the Court 2 pairing at the weekly drill.  Rather, it takes into consideration all of the factors that a Captain has to work with and trusts that the Captain will field the strongest court by court line-up upholding the Spirit of the League.

Fourth, please remember that when you are hosting a team for a match it is the Host Captains responsibility to reach out to the Visiting Captain to initiate any discussion about the upcoming match: time of play, impending weather and contact information.  This contact should be made no later than Monday for Thursday matches and Tuesday for Friday matches.     

Finally, for all of you who said they wanted more paddle than the 9-week session.  This year we are rolling out our inaugural NSWPTL Season Closeout Tournament.  The Tournament, will be held March 12-14th, will be open to all players in Series 2-16 and will culminate in several championship matches at one location with food, drink and lots of camaraderie.  Details will be sent to Club Coordinators later this week. 


Thanks and Good Luck in the Winter Session!  


The NSWPTL Board