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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season!

We are looking forward to a great session with good weather, good friends and fun paddle!

We have a big change to the rules this year --  captains need only rank their number 1 and 2 players.  As usual, players ranked 1 and 2 ranked must play on court 1 or 2, and must play on court 1 if they are playing together.
The lineups must still meet NSWPTL Rule III.E, which states:
Teams must be fielded according to their current and present ability:
  1. Court 1 team should beat Court 2 team;
  2. Court 2 team should beat Court 3 team;
  3. Court 3 team should beat Court 4 team.
"Current and present ability" can be difficult to quantify and takes into consideration a few factors.  If definitely requires more than the observation that your court 1 pairing beat the court 2 pairing at this week's drill.  A captain's decision should be based on a broader evaluation.
One objective measure, after a few matches have been played, is a player's win/loss record weighted by the courts she has played on (no need to keep meticulous records, this is available on the "stacking report"). 
Less quantifiable are the ongoing realities that can affect a team from week to week: injuries/sickness, vacations, elder/child-care, add/deuce partnerships, left/right partnerships, personality partnerships.
Remember to utilize your Series Facilitator!  If you're moving a player up or down a couple of courts, or you have any concern that your opposing team might raise an eyebrow, take advantage of this valuable resource, your liaison between your team and the board.  They can work with you to resolve any concerns and approve your lineup before the match.
Ultimately, we trust that captains are all working to uphold the Spirit of the League, and will field the strongest court by court lineup to the best of their ability.
One last reminder, please remember that it is the host captain's responsibility to reach out to the visiting captain to initiate any discussion about the upcoming match: time of play, impending weather and contact information.  This contact should be made no later than Monday for Thursday matches and Tuesday for Friday matches.   
Thanks and Good Luck in the Fall Session!  
The NSWPTL Board